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Best Electric Timer

Best Electric TimerElectric timers are a device that is used to control the power supply of different things. They automatically turn on and off the switches that help in saving electricity and reducing costs. For pools and heaters, they are turned on and off to maintain the temperature and likewise for other devices.

These devices come in different types like mechanical and digital, all of which have the same purpose but different additional purposes of making the product better.

The following is a detailed buying guide which will help you in focusing on different aspects that make an electric timer the best electric timer for your use. The product reviews are there to help you understand the different types available in the market and what differences they have to offer you.

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Take a look at the 5 best electric timers to have a better idea. Always remember to check an electrical item thoroughly before paying for it.


NameBest forWeightDimensionPrice
Intermatic ET8215CR NEMA CircuitAutomatic Programming

3.6 pounds10.1x 6.7 x 4.1 inches

Intermatic Hour Dial TimerLoads up to 40 amperes
3 pounds5 x 3 x 4 inches
TORK SA306 Industrial Timer
Spas and heaters
1 pounds3 x 1 x 2 inches
EWZ Series Multipurpose Time SwitchWater resistance timers1.6 pounds9.8 x 6 x 3.5 inches
Intermatic ET1125CR Electronic Time SwitchMulti-Volt operation3.6 pounds6.7 x 4.2 x 10.2 inches$


1.    Intermatic ET8215CR NEMA CircuitBest Electric Timer

The Intermatic NEMA circuit is one of the best electric timers that you can find for your use. It has the feature to control the timing to reduce energy consumption and its cost. Perhaps the best feature that is in this electric time clock is the astronomical feature which helps the circuit turn on and turn off according to the sunrise. This function does not require any additional photo control devices.

Additionally, the setting can run by the sunset too. This machine can run into a multi-volt operation along with being attached to two different circuits. The programming can be set for up to a week on this device. Easy control button in the tool makes programming very easy, and you can do it digitally.

This circuit runs on AAA batteries which can last up to 3 years. To change them, the user does not have to unhook the device from the output. The snap-in design allows easy removal and easy mounting the device. The price of this timer is higher than average, but it holds many features.


  • Astronomical programming according to the sunrise and sunset are available
  • Up to 2 circuits can be connected to one device only
  • The design is to ensure secure mounting and easy removal of the device
  • To change the batteries, you will not have to remove the whole circuits


  • The cells need to be replaced every three years which is a hassle
  • The module has to be removed from the box to reprogram the switches


With many different features, this device is must for people that are professionals or amateurs. Even though the price may seem a little higher, it is still a good purchase for people that ready to spend a little extra.


2.    Intermatic Hour Dial TimerBest Electric Timer

The Intermatic dial timer is the best electric timer which works in a manual setting rather than a digital one. With the features that are offered, it can be used for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes. The hourly timer can be set for 24 hours, and it can connect to one circuit to provide full performance. Since it works manually, it does not require any batteries or the hassle of changing batteries from time to time.

This lighting time clock comes in a metal box for a safer and more convenient usage. The high horsepower that this device provides reaches up to 40 amperes which are resisted from 124 volts. You can use it for outdoor purposes such as for swimming pools as well as indoor lights and objects. Perhaps the best feature is that it lasts very long because it is mechanical.

Installing this device will cause you to be energy efficient along with helping you in saving significant bucks on the bills. The price of this product is straightforward on the pocket in relevance to the offered features.


  • The timer is hourly and can be set for 24 hours each day
  • Provides high horsepower of up to 40 amperes on 124 volts
  • Can be used for outdoor purposes as well as indoor
  • The mechanical factor of this timer allows it to have a longer life without the need to change or monitor batteries


  • You do not have the option to run it on astronomical factors
  • The timer does not allow the connectivity of more than one circuit


At a very reasonable price, this mechanical timer can be used everywhere. It comes with many features that make it a very convenient usage. However, with more than one circuit option, this device would have been better.


3.     TORK SA306 Industrial TimerBest Electric Timer

The Tork digital timer is one of the most convenient lighting time clocks that use one step timer only.  This timer can be connected to multiple switches without any hassle in connecting or setup. The digital electric timer switch for lights provides the option to customize setting as per your usage.

Users can choose between the automatic, manual, and random configuration for the timer to go off. In case there is a power failure, the device comes with batteries that will backup your settings so that you do not have to change them all the time. The company provides a warranty to help with an increasing customer satisfaction.

You can save energy and costs with this device and use it anywhere including outdoors and on heating systems. With tons of features that provide ease to the customers along with a warranty for one year, this programmable time clock is reasonable in the pocket.


  • You can choose for it to be automatic, manual, or random settings as per your choice
  • Backup with the batteries in case of a power failure allows users to enjoy saved settings
  • Can be connected to multiple switches that are connected to the same wire
  • One step set up allows users to program the timer quickly


  • It does not compare to two devices that are separately wired
  • There is not a solar power option in the design


At a very reasonable price, this electric timer has features that will help you in saving time for settings and assists in creating backups with the batteries no matter what. It is an excellent buy for people that want to spend less on more. Features are the reason Tork Timers is always a good purchase.


4.     EWZ Series Multipurpose Time SwitchBest Electric Timer

Another one of the Tork Timers makes it into the list of the best electric timer.  The device type is digital and can program up to 20 on and off settings every day. A rechargeable capacitor in the machine helps in backing up four days of parameters. Users can adjust the timer according to the daylight savings, sunset, sunrise, or any other configuration they feel are useful for them.

Each piece can be fit into one pole for automatic settings to be attached. The device is resistant to water since it comes in a convenient box that helps it remain safe. Up to a minute, the cycle can be adjusted on this machine making it more precise than any device. This timer further has a latitude map which automatically detects sunrise and sunset for your adjustment.

For a product like this, the price seems to be very expensive and not at suited for most people. However, if you are willing to spend a little extra, then this can prove to be an excellent option for you.


  • You can choose up to 20 different settings in a day
  • The device has a latitude map which will enable detection of sunrise and sunset
  • The device is water resistant
  • Up to a minute, cycle can be adjusted on this device
  • A backup capacitor stores settings for up to four days


  • The plastic of the box is made of very cheap material
  • The programming options are a little complicated to use


If you want to spend a few extra bucks on this item, then you can go for it. However, keep in mind the cons. You can always find these and even better features in other devices at a low price.

5.    Intermatic ET1125CR Electronic Time SwitchBest Electric Timer

The Intermatic electronic time switch makes in the best electric timer list because of the quality guarantee from Intermatic along with many different features that are offered. You can quickly set a different cycle every day with its secure programming system. With the multi-volts features, users can connect one device to two various devices without any electrical hassle.

Battery backup allows users to save their settings in case of power failures and avoid the trouble of reprogramming the system. Three AAA batteries can last up to three years in the device and can be replaced quickly without having to disrupt the system and its programming. The invention offers up to 14 on and off settings that are set according to the accurate load which allows reduced energy costs and smarter saving.

Perhaps the most attractive feature is the daylight saving that is automatically set and enables the settings at the right time. As apparent, the price is a little too high for anybody who does not want to spend too much on the device.


  • Programming can be repeated every day differently
  • The to the minute setting on the accurate load allows saving smartly
  • With the AAA batteries, the device collects backup in case of a power failure
  • Daylight saving is automatically enables


  • The invention is not waterproof for a safer approach
  • The batteries last for only three years which can be hassle


Intermatic is one of the most trusted brands in electric timers, and they undoubtedly produce the best electric timers of all models. This device is one such of the models they have, and even though they are a little heavy in the pocket, they are a good to purchase.

Buying Guide

The following buying guide will help you get a better idea of what kind of electric timer you want. The focused aspects are discussed briefly to determine the best electric timer that will suit the use of your purpose.

Which Type Of Timer Should I Take?

The first and foremost thing to decide is the type of timer you want. The following are the few types of timers that are available and their uses.

  • Moto Type Timer: A motor runs this timer, and the mechanical settings help it achieve its purpose.
  • Analog timer: This electric timer allows you to program with an analog time clock
  • Digital timer: Opting for this timer helps users is a precision
  • Damper type timer: This device works according to a damp effect like water, oil, or other fluids.

What Setting Options Should The Timer Have?

The primary job of the electric timer is to shut on and off the power according to the set time in the device. However, different products offer various options which make the purpose more enhanced and easy. The following are a few that may help you.

  • Electronically programming: These devices can set up to seven different settings for every day of the week according to the programming done. These are by far the most versatile option
  • Mechanical programming: this type of programming is done through a spring wound timer which needs to be reset every time it functions

Should I Buy The Plugin Or The Direct Wire?

The plug-in timers are easily installed and are easier to operate. They are best if you do not want to interrupt the right wires and they work best with the smaller lights, fans, lamps, and other similar small appliances.

The direct wires give more access to more significant appliances and give you more control over the system. Additionally, they save more electricity and reduce costs.

Are Outdoor Electric Timers Different?

Outdoor timers are different since they need to be weather resistant to provide safety in electrical matters. Make sure never to use indoor timers outside, or you can cause a short circuit and danger to you and people around you. The best electric timer comes mostly in indoor and outdoor settings combined

Does A Timer Need Backup?

The best electric timer will have an option to backup the settings that are implied. In case of a power failure, users will have to readjust the setting which is why backup helps in keeping them safe. A capacitor or simple alkaline batteries are mostly used for this purpose.


Taking a look at the buying guide and the products, we have concluded that for us the winner is the Intermatic ET8215CR NEMA Circuit. This product may be a little more expensive than the others, but the features make it perfect for big and small purposes along with safety and durability.