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Best Cable Reel Stands for Electricians

Best Cable Reel Stands for ElectriciansIf you are an electrician or are thinking of starting a little store of yours, then make sure that you add cable reel stand on your list.

It might seem to you of less importance that you can buy the stand later, but it is one of the most important accessories you should look out for.

While working on different sites, the stand helps you to keep the cable at one place, and you won’t have to bring with you an extra helper to hold your reel while you worked your way through the place.

For electricians, it is must to have longer reels as they can work anywhere and can’t change the switches again and again. To buy the best cable reel stand for electricians we have gathered for you various items from which you can choose the one that suits you best.

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Name WeightMaterial Price
Current Tools 670 Medium Screw Type Reel Stand47 lbs.Steel$$$
Greenlee 687 Reel Stand24.8 lbs.Steel $$
Jackson Tool 436 V-Head Pipe Stand46 lbs.Steel$
Southwire CJ-02 Reel Jax36.7 lbs.Steel$$



1. Current Tools 670 Medium Screw Type Reel StandBest Cable Reel Stands for Electricians

The current tool is made up of steel which is a reel stand on which you could easily reel up your wires and use it. There are two roller heads attached to this stand. What is special about them is that they both are self-lubricating. The capacity of medium screw type reel stand is 2,500 lbs. The diameter of the reel is 28”-56”. Height differs, and it starts from 21” minimum, and at the maximum, it goes up to 54”.

The base of the stand is quite wide which is helpful as it won’t tilt or fall away to one side even if a lot of loads is put on it. There are induced adjustment pins which are wired so that there will be no displacement. The stand is a bit expensive to buy as compared to the other reel stands cable available.


  • The pins are wired together which makes a stand safe enough.
  • No displacement would occur.
  • The roller heads are self-lubricating.
  • The base of the stand is quite wide which keeps it standing in one place without tilting.
  • The material used is pure steel, so it is long lasting and won’t wear off quickly.
  • The height can be adjusted which is a plus point.


  • it is small screw type reel stand and is not available for the large screws.


Even though it costs a little less, but it is worth the price and does the job well. So, you won’t regret making this choice in any case.


2. Greenlee 687 Reel StandBest Cable Reel Stands for Electricians

Greenlee reel stand is a wide one which is made up of steel as well. The good thing about this stand is that its wide base lets it stay in place and gives it more stability. The base is welded below instead of screwed so welds will be there for a longer time and are not possible to break away. There are two stands as to complete a whole set up you must have two stands and one spindle.

The roller bearings of this electric cable reel holder fit exactly in the spindle groove which keeps the groove to stay fixed at one place but the spindles can be moved freely, and you can turn them wherever needed. The load capacity of this stand is 2500 lbs which are quite enough to keep the two wire reels on the stand.  The price of this stand is very nominal, and you have to pay less amount as compared to the other items that are in comparison to it.


  • The base is very wide which makes the stand stable.
  • Capacity to hold up cables is much more as compared to other stands.
  • The stand is welded instead of bolted together.
  • Roller bearings are fixed.
  • Spindles can be turned freely anywhere you want them to be.


  • the height of the stand is a little less and might cause problems.


Despite, having a smaller height as compared to other products. The Greenlee stand makes its way into the market as a cable pulling stand, it is quite affordable and does the job well.


3. Jackson Tool 436 V-Head Pipe StandBest Cable Reel Stands for Electricians

Jackson tool is a V-head pipe stand which is one of the best cable reels stands for electricians available out on the market. It can carry weight which is about 2500 lbs, that is more than enough for wire reel stands as it can make the job done. The stand is adjusted very quickly, and you won’t have to spend much time in reading manuals and fixing it from scratch.

There is an adjustment nut which is used to tighten up to adjust the height according to your need. A sight hole is stocked up as well which makes sure that you don’t adjust the height at wrong place which will be of unease. The material of this stand is steel which has a powder coat as a finishing coat. It helps the product to stay safe from all sorts of weather. The price of this is very nominal; it does the job in the price limit.


  • It has a safety feature which locks in the V-head so you can easily carry it anywhere needed.
  • There is an adjustment hole which is used to adjust the height for your own feasibility.
  • Powder finish coat on the steel stand.
  • ½” to 12” is the diameter pipe


  • It comes along with a site hole, which is annoying for some people as it is an extra bit and not mostly electricians use it.


It is one of the cheapest reels stands that you will find in the market; it does the job just fine. So, if you are looking  for a stand and you need to use it for a short time, then this should be your choice.


4. Southwire CJ-02 Reel JaxBest Cable Reel Stands for Electricians

Southwire is an electric reel stand which not only is made up of a sturdy material, but it also is very stable. It has great stability as the steel base is welded along with its upper body and that provides it great strength and stability. The height of this stand is 28 inch overall, but obviously, you can adjust the height according to its need.

The roller bearings fit perfectly into the axle groove which helps to keep the axle in a fixed position but helps to turn it freely wherever needed. A featured telescope is there in the midsection so you can adjust the stand to its maximum and face no serious problems for the reel. The stand is made in the USA and is up for warranty if in case something happens. The price of this stand is way too much, and it might be one of the stands that people would not want to buy because of its high price.


  • There is a strut lock pin which keeps the reel in right position.
  • The telescopic view which makes the reel to stay in one place.
  • Roller bearings are fixed properly so they won’t move.
  • The material is sturdy.


  • The price is quite high which makes it hard for people to purchase it.


Despite the high price, you might want to buy it because of the features it has.

Buyer’s guide:

What is the cable stand reel used for?

It is important to know what you are going to buy and to use it for the right purpose. The cable stand is used to carry any sort of electric cable. As they are quite lengthy and you can’t keep it in your hand, so therefore stand is needed. Make sure you read the buying guide before you make the purchase. Buying this won’t give you any regrets as you can’t function if you are an electrician and don’t have this stand.

Which material should be bought?

The stand comes mainly in the material which is made up of steel; the stand is a bit heavy, so it becomes hard to carry. Still, steel material is one of the best ones as it is long lasting and you won’t have to purchase the stand, again and again, every season.  As this is one of the items which is used outdoors, so steel is one of the materials which suits well. It is sturdy and won’t be damaged easily as well.

Does the size matter?

Size of the stand does matter the most; it is a product which needs to function outside at different places. So, you have no specific place to keep it. If you buy a one that is way too big, that will cause problems for you. There are the ones that are adjustable, so you can just simply adjust their height according to your needs.  

How much capacity does the stand carry?

The capacity of the stand should be kept in mind, as at all times there won’t be the same cable which you will hang on it. Therefore, being on the safe side make sure you buy the stand which has better capacity and can hold two reels at the same time. You might be in need of a very large capacity stand, for that very reason you will have to spend little extra money and get access to the better stand with more capacity.

Does it come with height adjustment?

Not all stands come with height adjustments. Some of them are fixed, and you cannot change the height and are supposed to just use them the way they come by. Others for your own convenience have adjustments which can be made according to the need.  Height adjustments make the job easier.

Which measurement stand should be purchased?

There are two types of stands; some are available in inches others in metric. It is totally up to you which ones would you opt for. Make sure you buy the one that you are used to with. AS s measurements are something that cannot be neglected when it comes to the work related to electricians.


Once you have read the whole article and the buying guide. Only then you can see the conclusion and figure out which stand is the best one according to us. It might not be the same for you as you have your own needs and budget.

The best cable stand reel for electricians is Current Tools 670 Medium Screw Type Reel Stand. It comes with a proper height range from which you can fix according to your need. Also, you don’t have to pay a lot of money to buy this product. It is good in strength as it is made up of pure steel, so overall this stand is durable.