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Best Benchtop Drill Press

Drill press provides the accuracy and power that you don’t expect to get when you drill by hand. Whether you are seasoned professional or just require a handy tool to tinker with making different thBest Benchtop Drill Pressings using wood, it is crucial for you to find the best benchtop drill press.

Benchtop drill presses come in different shapes and sizes. You need to identify your requirements first if you are buying a new item from the market. You can easily overspend on a product if it is professional grade and you just need it to complete small projects at your home.

If you are looking to for some guidance regarding best table top drill press, then you have come to the right place. We have developed some Benchtop drill press reviews to assist you in buying the right option. These bench drill press reviews provide you with in-depth details that you want to know before you make a purchase that is suitable for your projects.


NameWorktable SizeMotor PowerPrice
WEN 8-inch 5-Speed Drill Press6.5” x 6.5” 1/3HP, 120V, 2.3Amp$$
SKIL 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press8” x 8” 1/4HP, 120V, 3.2Amp$$$
Shop Fox 8-1/2-Inch Bench-Top Drill Press7” x 7” 1/2HP, 120V, 3.2Amp$$
Craftsman 10-inch Bench Drill Press 10” x 10” 1/2HP, 120V, 3.2Amp$$$
Rikon 30 8-Inch Drill Press 8” x 8” 1/3HP, 120V, 3.6Amp$$$


1.    WEN 8-inch 5-Speed Drill PressBest Benchtop Drill Press

This 5-Speed Drill Press from WEN is the best benchtop drill press that you will find on our list. It comes with onboard key storage along with ½-inch keyed chuck. As the name suggests, it has five different speeds that you can operate with including 3140RPM, 2100RPM, 1530RPM, 1100RPM and 740RPM.

Its spindle can travel up to 2-inch with locking narrow depth stops that are easily readable allowing you to continue with your drilling operations accurately. You can also repeat these operations with precision as well.

A powerful 120V 60Hz 1/3 horsepower induction motor powers the drill and it generates ample amount of torque as well. 1/3 HP motors are durable as well. The drill comes with a 6.5-inch x 6.5-inch worktable as well, and you can adjust its height and bevels up to 45-degree right and left. It can generate 8-inch of swing. The products weighs around 38 pounds, and its dimensions are 7.5-inch x 22.9-inch x 11-inch


  • It is equipped with a ½-inch key and has an onboard key storage as well.
  • It is powered by 120V 60Hz 1/3 HP motor.
  • You can operate the machine at five different speeds.
  • It has a worktable that is 6.5-inch x 6.5-inch in size, and you can adjust its height and bevels as well.


  • You have to keep the pressure on the drill while working or the chuck will fall off.
  • It is not an ideal tool for precision projects.


It is the best benchtop press drill that doesn’t cost much and will complete most of your projects. It can produce superior torque because of the powerful 120V motor.

2.    SKIL 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill PressBest Benchtop Drill Press

This 10-inch drill press from Skil also comes with a ½-inch keyed chuck and offers 5-speed transitions that can range from 570RPM to 3050RPM. The drill is also equipped with an adjustable depth stop that provides you with more accurate measurements as well as repetitive drilling.

You can also tilt the worktable surface up to 45-degree angle from right to left. One feature that separates this drill press from the product mentioned above is that it is equipped with the X2 2-beam laser that makes hole-alignment a whole lot easier.

The product is certified under CSA US, and the size of the worktable is 8-inch x 8-inch. It comes with 3-years product warranty from Skil. The drill weighs slightly over 52 pounds, and its dimensions are 21.8-inch x 15.2-inch x 9.8-inch. This drill can handle precision projects as well; the feature that makes it the best benchtop drill press on the market in this price range.


  • The drill comes with 5-speed transitions that range from 570RPM to 3050RPM.
  • It also incorporates X2 2-beam laser which assists in precise hole-alignments.
  • The 8-inch x 8-inch worktable can be tilted to 45-degree.
  • The product comes with a 3-year warranty from Skil.
  • It is CSA US


  • It doesn’t have an onboard key storage.
  • Adjustment of the laser can be a daunting task.


Overall, the drill press from Skil is suitable for all kinds of precision projects. The product is available at an excellent price and has loads of features to offer.

3.    Shop Fox 8-1/2-Inch Bench-Top Drill PressBest Benchtop Drill Press

½ horsepower motor powers the 8.5-inch Benchtop Oscillating Drill Press from Shop Fox and also comes with a ½-inch keyed chuck. Its spindle can travel from 1inch to 5/8-inch, and the drill also boasts 5-speed transitions that can range from 620RPM to 3100RPM.

The size of the worktable measures 7-inch x 7-inch while the approximate weight of the drill is 54 pounds. The dimensions of the drill are 10.5-inch x 18-inch x 13.7-inch. Its worktable can rotate 360-degrees.

The drill also houses a paddle switch for additional safety due to its removable lockout key and oversized paddle. The product and all its components are covered under 2-year warranty from Shop Fox. This machine is built to provide versatility, and for this reason, it holds a place in our reviews of best benchtop drill press.  This drill press can easily handle different types of jobs ranging regarding accuracy with ease.


  • The drill and all its components are covered by 2-year warranty from Shop Fox.
  • The drill can handle a variety of jobs that require different precision settings.
  • It is powered by ½ HP motor and comes with 5-speed transitions.
  • The worktable measures 7-inch x 7-inch and can be tilted to 90-degrees from left to right and vice versa.


  • Changing belt speeds is a bit of trick in this drill.
  • It doesn’t come with any precision work light.
  • It is a bit too expensive.


It is a high-quality product that enables you to work with a different job. It has durability and delivers a power-packed performance with the help of its ½ HP motor and 5-speed transition.

4.    Craftsman 10-inch Bench Drill PressBest Benchtop Drill Press

Craftsman is a quality brand that is known for its exceptional products. Their drill press also comes with five different operating speeds that can produce an output that ranges from 620RPM to 3100RPM. The drill is powered by ½ HP 3.2Amp 120V 60Hz motor which is powerful as well as durable.

Its elevation of opinion and rack table adjusts effortless and accurate. It has a scaled steel fence that allows you to brace, guide and align different workpieces and it also incorporates a stop block for repetitive drilling projects as well.

The product weighs slightly over 60 pounds, and the dimensions are 13-inch x 8-inch x 27-inch. The best part is that it creates a perfect balance between budget and performance. The product is covered under the 1-year warranty from Craftsman if in case you experience any material defects or manufacturing issues.


  • The product comes with five different operating speeds.
  • It houses a ½ HP 120V 60Hz 3.2Amp motor to deliver power packed performance.
  • It is also equipped with a Laser Trac for accurate drilling.
  • The drill also boasts a stop block for repetitive drilling operations.
  • It comes with the standard ½-inch keyed chuck.


  • The precision it has to offer is mediocre and is ideal for a casual user.
  • The drill does not work with hole-saw bits.


It is a quality product that comes at a good price. If you need a tool to work on home projects that this is the best benchtop drill press that you can purchase at this price.

5.    Rikon 30 8-Inch Drill PressBest Benchtop Drill Press

This drill press also comes with five different operating speeds that can produce the output between 620RPM and 3100RPM. The drill can drill into any material. Rikon has constructed this drill with solid steel and cast iron. The rugged design of this drill ensures vibration free operations.

The machine also comes with death stop that allows you to work on repetitive drilling jobs with additional ease and accuracy. The drill weighs just over 34 pounds and is the lightest one in our reviews. The dimensions of this drilling machine are 7-inch x 16-inch x 23-inch. It also houses a 1/3 HP 120V 60Hz 3.6Amp motor and comes with a standard ½-inch chuck.

The feature that makes it the best benchtop drill press is that it does not cost much. It has the powerful motor that enables it to produce high torque, and you can work with any material when it comes to this drill press from Rikon.


  • The drill press has five different operating speeds.
  • You can use this drill press with any material.
  • It comes with the standard half inched chuck.
  • The machine houses a 1/3 HP motor that is capable of generating high torque.
  • It also comes with death stop that assists in repetitive drilling activities.


  • It does not offer much height adjustment.
  • The motor is not strong enough for all types of metal.


All in all, it is a good quality product from Rikon that offers superior performance with a powerful motor and five different speed options to meet different job requirements.


Buying Guide

What is the use of a drill press?

Drill presses are used for drilling holes in wood in addition to cutting it. Some of the drill presses can work with metal as well. These drills are also referred to as a pillar drill or a pedestal drill. These drill machines have a drilling tool equipped with a cutting edge at the end of its tip.

How can I pick the best drill press out of a lot?

The best drill press offers flexibility when it comes to the distance between the axis where the spindle turns and the length of the supporting column. Moreover, the size of the throat also plays a significant role in its performance. Make sure that you choose that has a size more than seven and a half inches. The horsepower of the motor adds to the operational efficiency as well. Usually, it ranges from one-sixth of horsepower to two or more horsepower.

What are the main components of a drill press?

A drill press is primarily comprised of four main components. There is a column, a head, a base and a table. The drilling machine is supported by the base while the column is made of steel. It grips the head and the table and is firmly attached to the table.

What is the significant difference between a floor and a bench drill press?

A crucial difference between floor and bench drills is the length or height of the column. The height of the bench models ranges from 25 to 50 inches while the height of the floor models can range from 65 to 76 inches.

Do these drill presses come with any accessories?

Yes, drill presses do come with some accessories. You can use these accessories to do more than just drilling holes. For instance, a trepanning attachment works as a gouging tool that is used to remove wood from the surface in a spherical manner.  Then there a sanding drum is used for touching up the small areas, particularly on decorative wood pieces. A boring bar is used to drill deeper holes that may size up to more than an inch while a cradle clamp is used to hold a small piece in a position while working on the surfaces which makes it an ideal accessory to drill holes for wood nails.


The 8-inch 5-Speed Drill press from WEN takes the overall lead to be the best bench drill press because it not only costs lesser than its counterparts, but it also has similar features to offer. It incorporates 5-speed variations as well, and the 1/3 HP motor creates enough torque to drill through a variety of materials. This drilling machine is easily the best benchtop drill press that does cost much and is ideal for all small-scale projects.