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Proper ventilation within your home is necessary not only for the quality of air in your home but also for keeping your health good.

Moisture and humidity can be damaging to your house’s walls and undoubtedly bathrooms are the place which is excessively humid especially after a shower or a bath.

Even if your bathroom has a window, still it needs a good ventilation system to avoid growth of mold, fungus, micro-organisms, and mildew.

These may damage your bathroom badly causing cracks, paint peel off, rusting cabinets etc. Therefore, exchange of air is necessary to maintain the quality of indoor air.

For this purpose, apart from having a window in your bathroom, you can install a bathroom fan either during the construction of your home or even after that. This way home deterioration is avoided and you are safe from costly repairs.

Our Favorite Vent Fans from Amazon



Delta Breez SLM70

702.07.5x7.2x3.9 inches


Panasonic FV-11VQ5
1100.316.7x14.2x10.8 inches
BV ultra-quiet
900.710x8x10 inches
Braon 678502.58x4x6 inches
Broan 6906031x1x1 inches$$


1.      Delta Breez SLM70 Exhaust fanBEST BATHROOM FANS

From the manufacturers of high quality and top-performing bathroom fans, Delta Breez presents its SLM70 bathroom fan with its ultimate features. This fan has a noise level of 2.0 sones and 70 CFM making it incredibly quieter. So, the company has installed an indicator light underneath when the fan is running.

Manufactured with DC brushless motor technology, Delta Breez fan is ENERGY STAR qualified which means they have achieved protection functions.

The DC brushless motor technology lasts 70% longer than AC models thereby reducing the need for replacement. Not only this, it also consumes 74% less power reducing your energy consumption related costs as well by a significant amount.

This fan has passed all EPA efficiency standards making it a reliable purchase for your money. With 3’’ duct of standard size and galvanized steel construction, it is one of the best bathroom ceiling fans in the market.

This fan comes with a limited 3-year warranty. Delta Breez fan is a perfect solution for the ventilation of your bathroom with the features worth the money.


  • The Delta Breez fan is quieter as compared to others and barely noticeable that it is on.
  • The fan is well built and of good quality.
  • It has a very low power consumption with DC motor.
  • The motor does not start suddenly but gradually. This reduces sudden burst of noise.
  • The fan is very easy to install and gives a solid performance.


  • Humidity sensor function has to be turned on and off manually unless the level is high enough.

For a quieter, sturdy, solid metal housing and all-around performance, this fan by Delta Breez is a must buy. For the features that it has, it provides a good ventilation system for your bathroom air quality.


2.      Panasonic Ceiling Mounted FanBEST BATHROOM FANS

FV-11VQ5 bathroom fan by Panasonic Company is one of the best innovations for your homes and offices. Housed with galvanized steel body and rust-proof paint, it is one of the most durable bathroom fans. This fan is much quieter than many others with no more than 0.3 sones so is among the best bathroom fans.

With a CFM of 110, it is one of the best bathroom ceiling fans. It has exceeded the performance measurement of ENERGY STAR, and LEED for homes and is UL listed. For an ideal positioning, it has double hanging bar system. So, this enables you to install it easily. The motor has four poles totally enclosed condenser motor for a continuous run.

With expandable extension brackets up to 24 inches and built-in damper preventing back-draft, this product comes with a minimum 3 years of warranty. The fan by Panasonic is a little pricey but is worth the money.


  • The fan is so quiet and it is hard to believe that it is working.
  • Installation is easy and involves few steps.
  • The fan by Panasonic keeps running for a long time without getting heated up.
  • It is a well-constructed and a powerful bathroom vent fan.
  • It is easy to install with the built-in brackets that allow attaching to joists.


  • This fan of Panasonic requires a small patching when retrofitting into the ceiling and that is not good.

If you are looking for a super quiet and strong bathroom ventilation fan, this is the one for you. A well-constructed and one of the best bathroom vent fan circulating a good amount of air is all you need for the freshness of air quality of your bathroom.


3.      BV Ultra-Quiet Bathroom ventilation and exhaust fanBEST BATHROOM FANS

A well-made exhaust fan from BV, this is one of the best bathroom fan available. This fan incorporates the silent clever technology of only 0.7 sones with the high-performance motor. It works continuously without making any noise.

Covering an area of up to 90 square feet, this fan provides a good amount of air circulation in an area. With a CFM of 90, provides an adequate circulation. The quality of this fan by BV is guaranteed as it has stainless steel housing body for avoiding corrosion and rust. Certified by HVI-2100 and ETL approved, this fan is known for its promising performance for a long time.

With a wide mounting opening of 9.5’’x9.5’’, this fan is easy to install and gets fit in tour wall or ceilings. It has one-year limited product warranty with all technical support services included. So, what else you can demand. Apart from this, it also has housing, adaptor, braces, and secure tabs.

So, the product has a reasonable price for its specs and it is one of the best bathroom fans.


  • The fan moves a lot of air and freshens up space quickly.
  • It is a good quality fan with durable material.
  • It is not a loud fan and really takes the moisture out.
  • It is totally worth the purchase.
  • It is one of the quietest fans in your bathroom. You have to check whether it is on or not.


  • There are not many problems but the fan rattles sometimes.
  • Grille has a pink/purple pink and looks not that good.

This fan with an ultimate silent-clever technology by BV is an option for anyone looking for a quietly working bathroom fan. With its affordable price, sone feature and certifications, it would be a good purchase for your home.


4.   Broan 678 Ventilation FanBEST BATHROOM FANS

Why just need a good ventilation when you can brighten up your place too? Broan presents its best exhaust fan for the bathroom which not only provides excellent circulation of air but also lightens up your room. This fan eliminates humidity and moisture from your bathroom making it airier.

With a 70 CFM and 2.5 sones, it is one of the quiet fans available in the market. So, you don’t get disturbed by any rattling noise. For an efficient and reliable running, its lubricated motor performs powerfully providing a continuous run. Its white grille looks beautiful on your wall and enhances any décor. It is HVI certified.

Not only this, this fan comes with a 100-watt lighting making your area brighter.  With an easy to install by polymeric duct connectors, this is one of the best bathroom fans you can have. The product comes with one year warranty and is a perfect fixture for your home.


  • This is a very nice fan of a small bathroom.
  • Installation for this fan is quite simple and quick.
  • It is cheaper to buy this whole unit than any other replacement motor.
  • The sone level is good and the fan works silently.
  • It is a great fan for the great price and lighting is what you need.


  • Joists brackets can’t be switched.
  • The fan may start rattling after a couple of months.

For anybody looking for dual function i.e. a fan and a bulb, this fan by Broan is the right choice for you. It’s incredibly low price and silent functioning makes it a product worth buying.


5.      Broan 690 Bathroom FanBEST BATHROOM FANS

For a wonderful performance upgrading and noise reduction, Broan bath fan upgrade kit is here. It requires no re-wiring, no duct works and does its task hassle-free. It consists of 60 CFM new motor which reduces sound up to 50%. Not only this, but it also helps to increase the air movement up to 20% reducing any growth of molds or fungus in your bathroom. You can have your economy fan at your place and upgrade at any time by this kit in just minutes.

It does not require any special tools for its operation because it has everything you may need including wrench, fasteners and an instruction manual. It can make your wall appearance better by its white grille. So, you have a shortcut if your guests are coming over, having any party and you want to upgrade your bathroom’s look.

It has two motor plates which get fit in any economy fan. The product is UL listed and it is available with a one-year limited warranty. So, it is a good choice with an affordable price.


  • This kit is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to upgrade your bathroom fan.
  • The directions are straightforward to follow.
  • Its built-in regular electric plug requires no wiring.
  • The fan noise is noticeable and the kit really reduces the noise.
  • It is so simple to install and anybody can do that.
  • The fan draws more air.


  • It may not be as silent as other fans.
  • Your existing fan should be a list of the compatibility chart.

If you are looking for an upgrade to an existing fan, then this kit by Broan will help you out. Its motor, fan and easy installation features can make your fan reasonably quieter and an amazing difference can be felt.


Buying guide:

Choosing the right bathroom fan for your bathroom is necessary to avoid any further inconvenience. For that purpose, we have gathered some buying guides and tips to assist you before going for any purchase.

Q1. What are the basic things to keep in mind before purchasing any bathroom fan?

The most important points to consider while buying a bathroom fan are:

  1. Size:

Sizing is a very important feature before installing any bathroom fan. For a smaller bathroom, you should go for a small and less powerful bathroom fan. Amount of air moved is directly proportional to the CFM of a fan. The more CFM a fan has, the more amount of air it will move. Ideally, it is recommended to have 1 CFM for every square foot of floor in the bathroom.

  1. Features:

Many fans nowadays are coming with different features like light or night-time light mode. However, these fancy features depend on your choice. A good bathroom fan should be able to move the humidity out without producing any noise. It should have lower sones rating.

  1. Installation:

Many bathroom fans come with duct adapters and fasteners for an easy installation of a fan. Following an instruction manual that comes in a package makes it easy to install them. Also, installing them directly over your shower will help to capture moisture immediately and ventilate quickly.

  1. Efficiency:

Efficiency is another important feature to consider while buying a bathroom fan. Many bathroom fans available in the market are now energy efficient and are ENERGY STAR bathroom fans. They consume 70% less energy as compared to previously available. This helps to lower your bills’ costs. So, try choosing those fans which are marked with ENERGY STAR.


Q2. What is the best sone level I can choose for a quieter working of a fan?

The low sone level is, the less noise it will produce. Usually, one sone is equal to the hum of a refrigerator. If you have to buy a silently working fan, choose a bathroom fan of 2 sones or less.


Q3. How are the bathroom fans controlled?

It is your preference as which type of controller you want for your bathroom vent fan. These types of fans are usually controlled by a single-pole switch or a wall mounted timer. So, that depends on your choice.


Q4. What is the best material for the best bathroom fan to avoid rusting?

Bathroom fans in the market come with materials like plastic and steel. However, it is said that the fan made of galvanized steel avoids rusting and corrosion of the fan. Galvanized steel has a zinc coating which prevents the products from getting rust. So, these are more durable and last longer.


Q5. Is certification of Bathroom fans necessary?

Always choose those products which are certified to their standards. Most of the bathroom fans available in the market are HVI certified and UL listed. This is an assurance that the product will perform as mentioned and has met all safety standards. It ensures that building code requirements are met.



Bathroom fans have become a necessity for maintaining the health of your home. They are an important part of the house which not only removes bad smells but also the humidity thus making the air refreshingly fresh.

Of all the bathroom exhaust fan reviews mentioned above, Delta Breez SLM70 stands on the top. Because of its lower noise levels, adequate CFM, rust-free body and standards certifications, it is the best bathroom exhaust fan among others.