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Best Appliance Surge Protector Reviews

Appliance surge protector is the device that protects the home appliances and electrical equipment from energy surges that occur in the power supply of the home.

A good quality appliance surge protector is a must-have item in all the houses, but most of the people don’t give importance to it. They realize the importance of it only when something happens to the power.

You can connect all the electrical equipment to a top quality high capacity suppressor, and if you properly organize its switches, then you will have room for more as well.

There are different kinds of surge suppressors available in the market. Some of them come with a more than two ports in the form factor while others are also very helpful in saving energy. Some of the types also offer great flexibility in the design as well.

Following are my five best picks for Appliance surge protector.

Product NameInsurance warrantyRatingPrice
Tripp Lite Isobar Surge Suppressor

$10K1410 joulesCheck price
Leviton Decora Plus Duplex Surge Suppressor
-550 joulesCheck price
Belkin Wall Mount Surge Suppressor$75K900 joulesCheck Price
Tripp Lite Surge Suppressor Power Strip
$25k1410 joulesCheck price
Tripp Lite Portable Surge Suppressor$50K1050 joulesCheck price

1.       Tripp Lite Isobar Surge Suppressor


This product is among the very best surge suppressors you will find on the market. The Isobar Surge Suppressor from Tripp Lite is applicable in both home and office environments. It can be declared as the best surge protector for refrigerator, home theater systems, and other digital media devices.

The suppressor is equipped with a plug-in retaining bracket that comes with wall mounting, and you can directly connect it to the AC wall socket. The device offers top quality surge protection which the company as quality tested to 1410 Joules or 48,000 amps. The device has a full metal case and is equipped with particular filter banks to halt any interference in the equipment. Moreover, the product is covered by a lifetime warranty as well as $10,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance for all the connected equipment.


  • You can install this device in office as well as at home.
  • It comes with a direct plug-in as well as a bracket that assists in easy wall mounting.
  • It also comes with LED lights for power and safety status diagnostics.
  • The device offers surge protection of up to 48,000 amps or 1410 Joules.
  • It also has an indestructible metal casing for increased safety and security.


  • The wall mounting bracket might be an issue if you have an outdoor cover box.
  • The size of the overall device is too big, and it might not fit in tight spots.


The Isobar Surge Suppressor from Tripp Lite is one of the best items used as an appliance surge protector. You can use it both at home as well as at your office, and it will keep your electrical equipment well protected from the power surges.


2.       Leviton Decora Plus Duplex Surge Suppressor


Another one of the very best products that you can buy, the Decora Plus Duplex Surge Suppressor by Leviton is a power house device. The company has designed this product to improve RFI and EMI filtering processes. It has a side and back wired design that comes with a durable metal mounting strap. The suppressor also has monitors for LEDs so that you can keep an eye on the working status of the machine plus it is also equipped with an audible alarm.

The design is certified under ISO 9001:2000 quality standards. Moreover, the product comes with a ten-year limited warranty. It protects up to 550 Joules of voltage spikes. The device is elementary to install, and you can treat it like just any regular outlet.  It is made from industrial grade plastic, so you are perfectly safe to use it. The plug-in switches are pretty stiff, and your plugs won’t loosen up at all.


  • The surge protector offers good RFI/EMI filtering.
  • The LEDs enable you to monitor the current status of the device at all times.
  • It meets all the ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.
  • The product comes with a 10-year limited warranty as well.


  • There is no way to reset the device if an issue occurs.
  • After one surge the receptacle works like a regular one and your equipment is not protected from the electricity spikes.


Leviton is a reputable company, and it has made some serious effort to keep this surge suppressor straightforward and functional. You can use it as a surge protector for freezer and other expensive appliances to protect them from the power surges.

3.       Belkin Wall Mount Surge Suppressor

This wall-mount surge protector from Belkin is available at a fairly low price without compromising on its job when it comes to keeping your equipment and appliances safe from the electrical spikes. You can also use it as a surge protector for dryer. The suppressor has 900 Joules energy rating that offers outstanding surge protection for all the devices either at your home or office. With this tool, you can add extra outlets as well, and that is without any additional wiring or cords.

The suppressor has 900 Joules energy rating that offers outstanding surge protection for all the devices either at your home or office. With this tool, you can add extra outlets as well, and that is without any additional wiring or cords.

Moreover, there is a not-grounded indicator as well which tells you when the suppressor is not grounded properly. The surge suppressor from Belkin comes with $75,000 connected equipment warranty along with the company’s limited lifetime warranty.


  • The surge suppressor offers a rating of 900 Joules to provide superior power protection.
  • It also does the power filtration for best performance.
  • The device is also equipped with the protection status indicator that enables you that your suppressor is fully functional.
  • The protection indicator and the not-grounded indicator notifies whether the device is working properly or not.
  • It comes with $75,000 connected equipment warranty from Belkin.


  • It does not cover the opening as it should have.
  • The 6-32 screws come with the purchase are very short and does not reach the threads within the wall outlet.


When it comes to surge suppressors, Belkin is the name that you can blindly trust. The product is very straightforward to install, and it offers enough protection to keep your appliances safe from any power surges.

4.       Tripp Lite Surge Suppressor Power Strip


Like the previous item on this list, this power strip from Tripp Lite is also safe for both office and home as it will keep all the appliances and digital equipment well protected. This piece also comes in full metal casing and is also equipped with separate filter banks which enable prevention against any interference in the equipment.

The surge suppressor is rated to protect 48,000 amps or 1410 Joules of energy spikes.  It can also house large transformer plugs as well and does not block other outlets, which is very convenient. You can also use the keyhole mounting tabs for extra space and attach some applications with ease.

The product has a limited lifetime warranty, and you will also get $25,000-lifetime insurance for all the connected equipment. Very similar to the other one from Tripp Lite, this suppressor also provides ultimate convenience at a very decent price as well.


  • You can use it in your office as well as your home.
  • The surge suppressor offers protection of up to 48,000 amps.
  • It is effortless to install, and you can connect a variety of appliances to it.
  • With the product, you will also get $25,000-lifetime insurance for the attached devices only.


  • Like the other suppressor from Tripp Lite, this one also does not fit in the outdoor cover box.
  • The quality is not the same as the legacy version of this suppressor.


Again the product is one of the very best surge suppressors that you will consider buying. It is a top quality product that comes at a very reasonable price. Plus you can connect more devices with it as per your requirement by adjusting the switches.

5.       Tripp Lite Portable Surge Suppressor


Another one from Tripp Lite, the portable surge suppressor is clear example that the company makes high-quality products that are built to perform. This product is also priced very reasonably but offers exceptional functionality. The travel size surge suppressor comes with a retractable plug and has one line for telephone or modem as well to shield the telecommunication equipment like fax machines and telephones from surges.

This travel size device suppressor has a power surge rating of 1050 Joules and is also equipped with RFI/EMI noise filtering in the line. It allows the connected equipment to perform at an optimal level and it also increases their life span as well. The company has designed this surge outlet to fit the transformer plugs as well. Plus it comes with LED indicators that provide alerts whether the device is in protection mode or not grounded.


  • With your purchase, you will also get lifetime warranty along with the $50,000 insurance for the connected equipment as well.
  • The travel suppressor has a rating of 1050 Joules to protect surges.
  • It comes with the LED indicators to provide updates on its current protection status.
  • The device is incredibly cheap if compared with the price.


  • The travel surge suppressor becomes very warm even without activating its timer.
  • The unit itself is a bit larger than it should have been.


The feature that makes it one of the best surge suppressors is its size. The travel sized device is straightforward to install, and it does not cost much as well. The direct plug-in is extremely convenient to protect your expensive equipment.


Buying Guide

What is a difference between a surge suppressor and a power strip?

The surge suppressor devices come with room to connect two appliances only. On the other hand, you can connect more than two appliances with your power strip. It is common misconceptions that power strips and surge suppressors are the same things.

How much surge current capacity should I consider?

It depends upon the amount of protection you need to provide to your electronic equipment. However, please bear in mind that the optimal surge capacity is not an accurate science and no one can scientifically estimate it with the help of a standard algorithm.

What are Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 surge suppressors?

Type 1 surge suppressors are the first line of defense against the surges from the grids, and for this, the power company has to be involved in the installation process of the device. Type 2 surge suppressors are fitted on the branch panels or the breaker panels. It is also known as the panel protector. Type 3 surge suppressors are the surge strips or the backups for the batteries. This device comes in handy at the point of use.

Why don’t surge suppressors last longer?

These devices are designed to take the hit from the energy burst and during the process protect the appliances and equipment in the home. If the surge protector is working fine, it means that there has been no energy spike of any kind. Otherwise, it would have taken the hit. It all depends on the time that has passed between the two waves, nothing else.

What is meant by clamping voltage of a surge suppressor?

The clamping voltage symbolizes better protection against the surge. However, it also limits the life expectancy of the device and the overall safety system as well. According to the UL rating, the lowest levels of protection are 330V, 400V, and 500V while the standard allowed voltage for 120V capacity suppressors is 330V.


After the analysis, the Isobar Surge Suppressor from Tripp Lite stood out. It is not only a top quality product but is also very convenient. You can use it in your office as well as your home and protect your appliances and equipment. Furthermore, it is renowned as a washing machine surge protector, becausae most people use it with their washing machines. The device comes with a lifetime insurance and warranty as well which makes the best surge suppressor in this list.