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Best 5 Step Drill Bit to Have in Your Tool Box


Step drill bits are handy when you are looking to drill those clean holes. These bits are short in length and provide exceptional maneuverability. If you are looking for fast drilling, then you should use the step drill bits. The best part is that you will no longer require multiple sizes for your twist bits to drill holes.

However, you must keep in mind that these drill bits including both Unibits and Step drill bits cannot re-sharpen easily. You must hire professional services for this purpose.

Step drill bits don’t come cheap so you must understand the exact piece that is required for the job. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your money. Therefore, we have brought you a list of top quality products that you can use to serve the purpose.



NameCutting DiameterDimensionsPrice
6-inch x 2.9-inch x 1.1-inch
Bit Klein Tools Bit #15, Double Fluted

5.2-inch x 3.4-inch x 0.7-inch

Greenlee Multi-Hole Step Bit ½” to 1-1/8”
6.9-inch x 3.8-inch x 1.3-inch
Milwaukee Electric Tool Step Drill Bit
7/8” to 1-1/8”
3.9-inch x 0.1-inch x 4.9-inch
Lenox Vari-Bit & Drill Bit w/ Shank7/8” to 1-7/32”4-inch x 0.8-inch x 5-inch$



This drill bit is made from dual flute spiral design that is made from Titanium which makes it a long life product and also ensures enhanced chip removal performance. The drill bit has a split point tip that contributes heavily towards speedy drilling.

The drill bit has numbers that are engraved with a laser which improves their visibility on every step. The bit is optimized for the use of impact driver as well. The bits work extremely well with the rotary drills. You can conveniently drill holes through solid steel beams with this little dynamo as well.

The bit is equipped to drill pilot holes very cleanly. However, it is recommended that you should use another drill to start your whole and then use this bit. This way, your Dewalt Impact Ready step drill bit will last longer. The item weighs only 2.2 pounds, and its dimensions are 6-inch x 2.9-inch x 1.1-inch while the cutting diameter is 1.125 inches.


  • The bit has dual flute spiral design that drills holes quickly.
  • It is made of Titanium which makes it incredibly sturdy item.
  • The drill bit is ideal for pilot holes.
  • It does a great job with solid steel beams as a well.


  • It is not an ideal product for hard surface drilling like stainless steel.
  • It does walk on round surfaces.


Dewalt Impact Ready Step Drill Bit is very durable product provided that you don’t use it on hard metal surfaces too frequently. It can drill quick holes so you can move onto your next task.


Klein Tools Bit #15, Double Fluted

The Bit #15 from Klein Tools is also equipped with dual flutes that enable it to cut through surfaces faster. Cutting through faster allows the bit to remain cool during the drilling process. The huge bonus of this drill bit is that it does walk on smooth or round surfaces.

The drill bit comes with silver targets for various holes. It enables you to see the size of the hole that you want to achieve. The hex shank is thick measuring 3/8-inch, and it doesn’t round out in the chuck of the drill which provides an outstanding gripping as well. The best thing about this drill bit is that you can get three different sizes of the holes.

An interesting feature about this drill bit is that it comes with a glow-in-the-dark handle and stays lit for half an hour and if you are working the dark then you won’t lose the sight of it. This glow charges itself from direct sunlight or any artificial light as well. The item weighs 5.8 ounces, and its dimensions are 5.2-inch x 3.4-inch x 0.7-inch.


  • The drill bit comes with silver linings that provide you with clear visibility of the size of the hole.
  • The drill does not walk on the surfaces while drilling.
  • It is equipped with a glow-in-the-dark light that charges itself in sunlight or any artificial light.
  • You don’t have to change your drill bits when you want to make different holes with this gizmo.


  • It wears out pretty quickly.
  • The shank of the drill bit is also not very durable.


It is an ideal product for quick drilling and for the tasks that don’t require intensity. The product is perfect for drilling pilot holes, and after that, you can use a different drill to make this product more durable.


Greenlee Multi-Hole Step Bit

The multi-hole step bit from Greenlee is an expensive piece, but it does the job well. You can drill multi sized holes with this maestro as it can penetrate through steel as well. The thin tip makes sure that it drills holes fast and efficiently. It is also equipped with a split tip and does not allow the drill to skid even on smooth surfaces.

The drilling process with this step bit does not require much pressure either due to its balanced dual flute development. The bit has the extraordinary capacity that cuts up through surfaces made from mild steel, aluminum, copper, brass, laminates, plastic, and wood.

It can easily make holes from ½-inch to 1-1/8 inch. The product weighs approximately 4 ounces, and its dimensions are 6.9-inch x 3.8-inch x 1.3-inch. The product is expensive but does come with numerous characteristics as well.


  • It is an excellent tool to drill through mild metal.
  • Even with the slow speed, it drills holes through stainless tell as well provided that you take your time and oil the surface regularly.
  • The bit can drill different sized holes.
  • The bit gets the hole done in no time, and it does throw metal shreds too.


  • When drilling, don’t apply too much pressure or the bit will break from the shank.
  • The product is slightly high on price.


Despite being an expensive product, this step bit is excellent for working. It enables you to drill holes in stainless steel as well but make sure that you oil the surface regularly to keep it cool.


Milwaukee Electric Tool Step Drill Bit

Milwaukee’s step drill bit as a very smooth surface which enables it to deliver a jam-free performance during the drilling job. The step bit comes with double flute design as well which allows it to drill quickly and comfortably. The dual flute design also ensures excellent control during drilling.

This step bit makes drilling two times faster, and it is optimized for drilling without cords with top speed. The item is 4.8 ounces in weight and has dimensions of 3.9-inch x 0.1-inch x 4.9-inch.  It can drill holes of size varying from 7/8-inch to 1-1/8-inch.

The bit is constructed from silver metallic and is finished with black oxide. It is designed for high-speed drilling. It cuts through like butter and leaves a very clean. The smooth design enables it to cut fast and does not allow the shreds to fly off as well.


  • It has a smooth surface which allows it to cut through metals very quickly.
  • The double flute edge makes sure that the drilling is precise.
  • Because the drilling process if quick, you are in control all the time.
  • It does not produce much heat while cutting.


  • It is not designed for drilling holes in hard surfaces.
  • Don’t apply excessive pressure while drilling or its shank will break.


The step drill bit from Milwaukee is very swift to cut through, and it does not make much of mess. It is a fast cutting tool that drills holes through some surfaces very quickly.


Lenox Vari-Bit & Drill Bit w/ Shank

This step bit enables you to drill accurate holes that are also burr-free. It instantly starts drilling into the surface as soon as it gets into contact with it. It comes with the shank that is 3/8-inch in size which makes it extremely durable even if you apply pressure while drilling.

The durability of this bit is even increased with the steam oxide coating plus it also comes with dual flute tip to make clean round holes. The bit also removes the metal chips quickly to extend the durability. The double flute design ensures that the tip penetrates faster.

Vari-Bit can drill holes of 7/8-inch, 1-1/8-inch and 1-7/32-inch as well. The weight of the item is nearly 5 ounces, and the product dimensions are 4-inch x 0.8-inch x 5-inch. The most important aspect of this product is that you don’t need a speared drill for the pilot hole.


  • The drill bit comes has a double-flute tip for easy drilling.
  • The bit comes with shank which makes it very durable product.
  • The step bit is coated with steam oxide for additional strength.
  • The item is designed to make burr-free holes with full precisions.


  • It might skid a bit on smooth surfaces; therefore, you have to be careful.
  • If it is frequently used on hard surfaces without oiling, it will wear out.


It is a highly durable product that comes with its shank attached. The product is ideal for hard drilling as it can drill accurate holes very swiftly.


Buying Guide

How to use a step drill bit?

As each size of bit drill makes a hole less than ¼-inch in depth, it is used to drill holes in the thin metal sheet. If your drip bit does not have the measurement number on it, you can use masking tape on the bit to make the correct sized hole. It will allow you to know how deep to plunge the drill bit for the hole that is required.

How do step drill bits work?

The step bits are used for working on metals. The bits cut through the metal with the help of the ridges and grooves that it has on it. Therefore, you only need one tool for numerous jobs. Because they are mainly associated with metal-working, it is recommended that you should not use them on wood because they are capable of splitting the wood into two halves.

How to maximize step drill bit uses?

It is important that you don’t apply too much pressure when drilling holes in different surfaces. Using pressure will cause the shank to break. Also, make sure that you oil the surfaces when dealing with hard metals like stainless steel.

What is the purpose of the stair-step profile of these Unibits?

The conically shaped bit has stair-stepped profile because it allows you to drill holes of different sizes. Some of the bits come to a point and self-start. Most of the bits that are large have very sharp tips that are used for enlarging the holes.

Do step drill bits come in different shapes and sizes?

Step drill bits come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can find brad-shaped drill bits, dowel bits for wood, Auger bits, paddle bits, metal drill bits, masonry drill bits, SDS bits, counter sink bits, tile and glass bits, the hole-cutter, and much more. The cone-shaped drill bits are used for cutting mild surfaces, and they have step-shapes which allow you to drill the hole as per your requirements.

Overall Conclusion

After the above discussion and analysis, we highly recommend Dewalt Impact Ready Step Drill Bit. It is one of the best items that you will find on the market. It is a highly durable product and does not make any mess. You can drill a hole very quickly plus the product also comes with Dewalt warranty to keep your tool protected in case of any product issue. It does cost you some money, but the features that come with it are exceptional as well.