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Best 120v Welder

Best 120v WelderIn order to perform any type of work perfectly, the thing we need the most is a perfect tool or a set of tools. These helping tools not only ease our work by lowering the efforts we will put, but also enhance the quality of the output.

Same is the case with welding. It is a process in which different material is joined together by fusing them together. This process is unique from soldering and brazing process as it also involves filler material, applied pressure, and a type of shield to prevent filler material from getting polluted.

We can get the idea about complexity and variety of welding process by merely seeing at its outline. Varieties of welders are available in the market that is a crucial part of welding. Now, if you are a fabricator, professional welder, or even if you need to perform welding process occasionally, in any case, you will need to take the help of these welders.

Therefore, in order to help you in choosing the right machine, we have come up with this piece of writing. Here, you will get to read brief buying guide along with a review of few best 120v Welders.


Our Favorite 120v welders on Amazon:

NamePower sourceStyleWeightPrice
Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG WelderCorded-electricWelder65.3 lbs.$$$
Pro-Series MMIG125 Welder KitCorded-electricWelder Kit10.39 lbs.$$
Hot Max 135WFGK MIG Welder KitCorded-electricWelder Kit100 lbs.$$$
EVERLAST PowerARC 200ST TIG Stick IGBT WelderDCTIG Stick Welder30 lbs.$$
Forney 309 MIG Welder Corded-electricWelder64 lbs.$$$



1.    Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG WelderBest 120v Welder

This 500559 Handler 140MIG Welder is manufactured by Hobart that is a big industrial name among leading welding brands. The durability and high-quality of the manufacturer can also be seen in this product.

Being a MIG Welder, this product is particularly suitable for beginners. Anyone who just entered the field of welding can use this item and perform their work effectively. The most eminent feature of this MIG Welder is its easy set-up. You won’t need to set its kit a long time before performing actual task. It comes ready to use. Simply take your tool and perform incredible welding.

It comes with the versatile feature of welding anything from 24 gauge up to 0.25 (1/4) inches of mild steel. Therefore, we can say, it is particularly suitable for handling light household repairing projects to heavy-duty projects. This Hobart Handler welder operates on 115v household current and gives output amperage of 25 to 140. The duty cycle of this item is 20% at 90 amps. It means it would perform 2 minutes in this setting and would need remaining 8 minutes to cool down. Because of having all these features, it can be categorized as one of the best 115v MIG welders.

Another worth mentioning feature is its versatile voltage settings. Its voltage control selector gives 5-position tapped voltage control. Despite having versatile features, the price range of this welder is quite affordable. It can be listed among average-priced Best 120v Welders.


  • Easy setup, you can perform your work conveniently through this welder.
  • With its versatile features, you can use it in a wide variety of applications.
  • Due to its 5-position voltage control selector, you can tune your arc finely through it.
  • Because of its portability, you can transport it anywhere easily.


  • It comes with 5 years limited warranty.
  • Because of its MIG type, it might not be able to perform in windy conditions.


If you are a beginner level welder, then this product can give you a great ease of use along with other amazing features. You can perform a variety of work through its various voltage settings. Durability, various voltage settings, and portability are its other benefits.

2.    Pro-Series MMIG125 Welder KitBest 120v Welder

This MMIG125 Welder Kit is a product of Pro-Series. This product in our best 120v Welder list is again a MIG Welder, and this feature makes it particularly suitable for beginners.  With the help of this tool, you can perform welding on a variety of products including carbon steel, stainless steel, magnesium, copper, aluminum, silicon bronze, and many other alloys.

With its incredible Fluxcore Welder design, it can easily access hard-to-reach areas and perform welding with low splashes. If you are looking for welding tool to perform small or medium-sized tasks around your home, farm, or a garage, then this tool is enough to serve you for all jobs. Moreover, this product comes in two voltage settings in order to make settings according to the metal under welding process.

The duty cycle this tool offers in 2- percent at 80 amperes. It means it can perform consecutively for minutes in this setting. After that, the remaining time will be used by it to cool down. It can perform welding on mild steel from less than 18 guages till 3/16 inches in a single go. This tool comes with the power requirement of the standard 120v outlet.

On purchasing this item, you will get a ground cable clamp, a spool of fuzed cored wire, welding gun, brush hammer, and face shield. In short, all you need to perform welding is present in this product box. As far as the price range of this product is concerned, it is quite low. You can afford it easily.


  • Due to its design features, it ensures the safety of operator by producing low splatter.
  • It is affordable.
  • Because of having all basic welding equipment inside the box, you can start the process easily.
  • With its portable body, you can take it anywhere easily.


  • You might not be able to perform heavy-duty tasks through it.
  • It comes with only 90 days warranty.


If you purchase this item, then in quite an affordable price range, you will get a welder that would be enough to perform light natured work around your home and garage. Additionally, good performance and ease of use are its other boons.


3.    Hot Max 135WFGK MIG Welder KitBest 120v Welder

This 135WFGK MIG Welder Kit is a product of Hot Max. This item is one of the most complex products with versatile features in our best 120v Welder list.

What makes it highly convenient is it’s being ready to use. This welder kit comes with almost all equipment that you might need to perform welding safely and perfectly. On purchasing this item, you will get 135 Amp MIG welder, Kevlar stitched grey leather welding gloves, welding cart, and fixed front wide vision welding helmet.  Moreover, it also contains Argon/CO2 hose and regulator.

As this tool operates on standard 120 Volt single phase power, you can take it and operate it wherever you want. This welder is able to weld up to 5/16 inches of different materials including mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum in a single pass.

Another worth-mentioning feature of this item is its versatile setting regarding wire feed and voltage control. It even comes with the convenience of adjustment during the welding process. Furthermore, because of its factory pre-wired settings for Hot Max SPG spool gun, you will not face any need of getting conversion kits. Also, shifting from gas welding to flux core welding and vice versa is made easier through its effortless polarity switching features.

The price range of this item is slightly higher as compared to other products. But its versatile features and convenient use give great value to your money.


  • It ensures the operator safety through its different protective gears.
  • It can be a convenient tool option for you as it comes with all accessories required for welding.
  • Because of its ability to operate on standard household power, it can be operated anywhere.
  • It comes with numerous wire speed and voltage controls.


  • It doesn’t come with shielding gas. You would need to buy it on your own.
  • Because of its heavy weight, it might be difficult to move this welder around, or else you would need to remove its MIG gun and ground clamp.


If you can afford this tool, then it would give you wide variety of adjustments, with complete safety gears, durability, and other easy operating features


4.    EVERLAST PowerARC 200ST TIG Stick IGBT WelderBest 120v Welder

Unlike other items on our list of best 120v Welder, this product is TIGStick Welder. 2017 PowerArc200ST TIG Stick IGBT Welder is a product of Everlast Power Equipment Brand.

It is particularly manufactured by focusing on professional’s welding requirements.  This tool comes with E6010 welding abilities through its dedicated connection porta that are located on the front panel of this welder. It assists in performing welding at various difficult locations like shipyards, pipelines, pressure and container vessels, construction areas, and any other place where E6010 or other cellulose-based welding rods are required.

In order to ensure safety and producing low spattering rate, this item comes with another connector port for all its welding rods. It can be operated on two various voltages that is 120V (standard one) and 240V for various power settings.  In case of working on smaller arcs, its Auto regulated Arc Force control features helps in improving arc presentation.

This tool is further made convenient for its users by adding a digital display that assists in making more accurate settings. As far as the price range of this item is concerned, it is quite low. Considering all its features, it can be categorized as the best 110 welder.


  • Because of its digital display, it might be easier for you to adjust its current settings.
  • Its simple features can make operating this tool easier for you.
  • Due to its lightweight, you can transport it easily.
  • Through its connector port, it gives off low spattering


  • In order to weld aluminum through it, you would need to purchase special aluminum stick electrodes.
  • Because of its being TIG Stick welder, it might perform welding at quite slow speed.


It can be considered as the best 110v MIG welder for the money. On such a low price range this TIG Stick Welder offers greater stability, smooth results, easy settings, and safety features. If you are looking for some affordable welding tools, then this product should be your pick.


5.    Forney 309 MIG WelderBest 120v Welder

This 309 MIG Welder tool is manufactured by Forney that is another renowned industry among various welder manufacturers. This tool operates on standard 120 volts with a maximum output of 140 amps. It is considered as a most suitable tool for performing small household and other repairing jobs. It comes with the ability to weld up to ¼ inches in a single pass.

This product comes ready to use along with regulator and hose. It performs welding through using MIG and Flux-Cored processes. The additional features of this welder involve good duty cycles, speedy ‘euro’ disconnect torch, an elongated gun with general consumables, cable wrap, HD cast aluminum drive system, geared idler and drive rolls, advanced de-spooler, a large cabinet, and convenient spool access.

It comes with 5/3/1 warranty against any kind of manufacturer defects. The price range of this item is also average. It can be listed among middle-priced products in our list of best 120v Welders.


  • It is quite easy to operate.
  • Its large cabinet space makes it
  • Due to its cast aluminum drive system, it would give good performance with less twisted wires.
  • Because of its Euro-style torch connection, the torch can be changed speedily.


  • Because of its being transformer based, it might have unnecessary body weight.


This welding tool offers easy operating features, high performance, improved design, and adequately good welding abilities. Along with all these features, you can also trust the reputation of its manufacturers. The price range is also affordable. Overall, this product is all good to worth your purchase.


Buying Guide

There are certain features that can increase or decrease the performance of welder. These attributes are quite essential to consider while purchasing a welder. Therefore, in this section, we are going to talk about such worth considering features of best 120v Welders.


What are the types of welders available in the market?

Among the variety of techniques for welding machines, three of them are most common in use. These types are arc/stick, MIG, and TIG welder.


It is one of the most commonly used welding techniques. It gives off quite strong results and can fuse heavily thick metals easily. It is also very stable welding technique and performs its work even around the dirty/rusty area, and wind conditions.  Among all other techniques, it is the only one that can weld cast iron.

However, before going to opt for this technique, keep this in mind that this tool is only suitable for performing heavy-duty tasks. Also, for beginners, it might be difficult to learn or operate, as it involves a lot of sparks production.

Flux-Cored/MIG Welding

It is one of the easiest and quicker welding techniques. It is particularly suitable for beginners as it is quite effortless to learn as well.  It also gives off strong and clean results along with being aesthetically pleasing. This technique allows welding on thinner metals.

However, keep in mind that MIG doesn’t allow operation in windy or dusty conditions. You can see a review of few best 120v Welders in our above section.

TIG Welding

TIG technique is one of the cleanest and good appearing welding machines. It performs well on thinner metals and gives highly accurate results that don’t ask for further cleaning. The feature behind this precise result is its ability to use plasma for joining metals together.

However, this technique is quite slow to perform. You would need to perform the whole process repeats for the longer time period in order to get the perfect results.


What features should be considered while purchasing a welder?

Input & Output

The input and output features of a welder depend greatly on the application it is used for. The input/output of the machine is basically measured by its voltage and current requirements. For heavy jobs, you should opt for high power machines.

However, few also come with various voltage settings. Such machines are particularly suitable if you want to work on different types of items.

Duty Cycle

It is another important feature that can depict the performance of welder. It is the measurement of time for which your machine will continue performing before it would stop due to overheating. This feature is usually measured in percentage and over a time period of 10 minutes. For any machine having 20% duty cycle means it would perform for 2 minutes at specific power setting and will spend remaining time for getting cool.


This feature can also be helpful for you if you are required to perform your work in different locations. You can also get many good portable machines as well. But, you should not forget this point that increasing portability can decrease the performance of welder.


It is a very important feature not only for this machine but for all types of tools. Welding is a slightly critical task, and it involves a number of sparks that could be dangerous. Therefore, it is quite essential to consider various safety aspects of purchasing the welder.


It is also important particularly for those machines which are used for performing household or other routine jobs. The reason behind is the fact that in such scenarios, people usually don’t have much knowledge of the whole process. Therefore, the welder should give user-friendly features for the operator to make welding process easier.



Importance of getting a best 120v Welder or welder with other voltage welders can only be understood by those who are involved in the welding process.  Your tricky work can become instantly easier by having a right tool in your hand.

In above sections, we have discussed few best 120v welders along with brief buying guide for welders. As we can observe from the reviews all products offer certain features and lack in others. However, if we are asked to choose the best among them, then our pick will be Hot Max 135WFGK MIG Welder Kit. The major reason behind is its versatility along with other safety and fancy features. Though price range is slightly higher, it completely worth this money.