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5 Wire stripping machines that save time and money

With most of the resources of the world being used, the planet is going short on many different materials that nature has provided us. Hence, it is essential to recycle everything that we have to ensure that it does not waste once it is used.

Developers have come up with various methods of recycling to make sure that things can be used in different forms once they are used in their most complex states.

One of the many ways to recycle is the wire stripping machine. The wire stripping machine is the best way to strip copper wire for scrap.

This device helps in removing the insulation from an electrical wire to find the clean copper for recycling purposes. The device comes in various sizes; the smallest of which can be used in homes as well.

Here are my top 5 picks for the best wire stripping machine.



NameSpeed per minuteFeeding holePrice
Steel Dragon Tools Wire Stripping Machine 37.5 feet3 mm to 25 mm$
Yescom Electric Automatic Wire Stripping Machine50 feetThree different sizes$$$
StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripping MachineN/AAdjustable$$
Beam Nova Motorized Cable Stripper 50 feetThree different sizes$$
Binxin Heavy Duty Wire Stripping MachineN/AAdjustable$$$


1.      Steel Dragon Tools WRA15 Benchtop Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

Steel dragon tools bring about the most convenient wire stripping machine that can quickly work on top of a bench, desk, or a work station. The idea is that it is very convenient and can be used easily. It is manual, but you also may attach a drill on it to make it automatic. When switched to automatic mode, the machine can strip about 450 inches of wire per minute. Users can strip wires of 3 mm to 25 mm using this device. Such a sleek design which weighs only about 13 lbs and does an excellent job does not cost very light on the pocket, however, for a machine like this, you will find every penny worth it.


  • The device can be set anywhere at home because of its compact design
  • The machine can strip up to 450 inches of wire per minute of automatic mode
  • It can be manually operated or automatic
  • Wire gauge range is 3mm to 25mm


  • No proper instruction guide is given to using the machine
  • The machine cannot strip THHN wire


The product is certainly a recommendation for those who want to buy a quality product for their home. With better instructions, it can prove to be very helpful.


2.      Yescom Electric Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

The Yescom wire stripping machine is an electric wire stripper that is convenient to buy for home and use quickly at a small work station. The product is designed to be compact; this allows you to carry it or keep it away without any hassle. Moreover, the product is specially designed to be energy saving.

Not only will you be saving the environment by recycling old wires, but you will also be saving the environment with the limited power that this product uses. The machine has three different holes to increase the versatility of the wires that you put through them. The product undoubtedly has several features; however, the price still does not justify the product.


  • The machine has three different holes for wires of different diameters
  • The machine is power saving making it friendly to the environment
  • The stripping speed is about 50 feet per minute
  • The machine has a heavy duty gear box


  • Even though it is designed to be compact, the machine is cumbersome
  • It is over priced for a simple featured machine


If you want to spend a few extra bucks, then this tool is perfect for you. It is electric and can strip much wire per minute.


3.      StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

StripMeister introduces an automatic wire stripping machine that is very convenient to use to recycle around the home or small work places. It is made from solid aircraft grade aluminum which assures durability. The product is very light weight and is highly suitable to carry anywhere and put it anywhere.

This machine work with an additional drill machine that does not come. The design includes a Romex slot which gives the product a boost by 33%. One of the best things about a wire stripper like this is that you can strip about any diameter and type of wire without a hassle, including a braided cable. This machine is a highly recommended product, however, be ready to pay a lot extra than you would usually for a machine like this.


  • Any kind and any size of wire can be stripped using this machine
  • The design boosts the speed of the stripping compared to other machines by 33%
  • The product comes with an additional blade
  • The product is about 3.8 lbs only; that makes it highly portable


  • The engine needs an extra drill machine to work and cannot operate manually if a drill is not available
  • The device is costly compared to others of the same kind


For a small work station or your home, this machine will prove to be very effective for you. However, once you decide to pay extra bucks, you can always look for a much better device in the same price range.


4.      Beam Nova Motorized Cable Stripper

The beam Nova scrap wire stripper is an electronic recycling tool that is a little more high intensity than others of the same kind. It is suitable to use at home and small work places. However, it is not every compact and may require more space than regular machines of the same kind.

The provided stripping speed is about 50 feet per minute, and the machine can feed on to different diameters of wire with 3 of feeding holes. The product uses about 110 volts and weighs about 30 pounds. It comes with a heavy duty gear box that helps the machine in performing better.

The heavy duty machine is a little too expensive in the pocket, however, with its durability, it is worth the money in the long run.


  • Heavy duty gear box perfect for high powered stripping
  • The speed extends to about 50 feet per minute
  • The machine comes with three different adjustable holes that fit almost every size of wire
  • The device uses a high powered induction motor to get the job done


  • The product is hefty to move. Therefore, it is not suitable for small spaces
  • The blades usually go out of line with the grooves


Even though this product is expensive, if you use wire strippers very frequently, then this machine is a good investment for you in the long run. A little more light weight and it would be perfect.


5.      Binxin Heavy Duty Wire Stripping Machine

The Binxin heavy duty wire recycling tool works in both, automatic and manual ways. The product weighs about 26 lbs that make it not too thick, at the same time, not very light. The feeding hole is one, yet it is adjustable to almost any kind of wire. The aluminum alloy body allows the product to increase life in durability.

The small size of the machine still allows it to work as good as the big professional machines. The product works on 110 volts and is a sound investment for anyone that likes to recycle wires. Furthermore, the product is a little too pricey for a simple design, and the manual and motorized have a significant price difference.


  • Aluminum alloy body makes it very durable
  • The feeding hole is one, yet it is adjustable to most of the wire diameters
  • The machine uses high-intensity motors
  • It gives the same result as an industrially used machine would give


  • The blades need to be thoroughly checked and aligned after every use
  • The price is unfairly very high


This wire stripper may have the outstanding functions like adjusting to many diameters of wire. However, none of them is worth the very high price and the significant price difference between the manual type and the automatic.

Buyers guide!

The following buyers’ guide will help you in selecting the right wire stripping machine that fits your requirements and comes under your budget.

1.      Do you want to work with an automatic tool or a manual tool?

The first factor that you would want to consider before buying a scrap wiring stripping machine is to find if you want it to be automatic or manual. Though users prefer automatic to save time, some prefer manual and prefer the labour. With the manual one, you will need to learn how to strip wire fast. Some strippers may turn into an automatic by simply connecting a drill machine. No matter what kind, both need to be done under serious supervision.

2.      What should the speed of the automatic one be?

The automatic machine will be judged by its speed on which it can separate the insulator from the metal. Most machines go for at least 50 feet per minute. This rate is recommended if you want to buy one for your house or small work place since any faster and it can be hazardous to the people around you. However, some prefer little slow options too that you can consider.

3.      How should the feeding hole be?

It is smart to check the feeding hole while buying your stripping machine. The feeding hole is where you insert the wire to allow it to strip. Usually, you will find three different sized spaces that can allow most sizes of wire. However, some machines will have one adjustable which seems to work for many. Sometimes, you may find the three different spaces to be further adjustable to allow maximum versatility. Some strippers disallow any but plain cables, check for a more intriguing option instead of the ones that bound you.

4.      What should I check in blades?

There are two basic things to look into the blades. The first is the type of blades. Wire strippers work with an in-built blade. The blades are either permanent or replaceable. The fixed blades can be sharpened from time to time; however, they require much effort. The short term blades can easily be replaced whenever they get blunt. However, the blades cannot be available easily all the time, and they can be expensive to buy. Users like to go with the replaceable blades since they are easier to maintain albeit a little expensive.

The second is the adjustability of blades. Some devices require manual adjusting frequently. Check to see if they do otherwise these can be a nuisance for you. Better quality machines allow automatic adjustment which not only is convenient, but it is also a safer option.

5.      Is it important to get a portable one?

This option is completely up to you. It depends on where you want to place your wire stripper to select its portability. Many different types of wire strippers available are light weight and portable, yet they are not very durable. If you need one for a short term or you do not use it very often, then you can find these in good quality. However, if you do much stripping, then you need to keep heavy duty as your priority. Some brands will make light weight yet portable machines. You will have to look around and search for those.

Overall Conclusion:

After reading the wire stripping machine guide and the product reviews, you might have a good idea of which one is the best out of the mentioned. For us, the best one is undoubtedly the Steel Dragon Tools Wire Stripping Machine. This machine is not only portable because of its compact design, but it is loaded with many different features at an affordable price. Even though the engine does not give a very high speed, it still works as a power stripper because of its heavy duty motor.